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A greeting and a question

Welcome to my first ever blog post.

 Learning new ideas is fun. This fun has different sources. Most of it may just be the satisfaction of a natural desire to gather info. Having a stock of new ideas also lets you demonstrate your cleverness, connectedness and usefulness to others. Occasionally ideas can even be instrumentally useful. However best of all is the possibility that one may cause a ‘view quake’ an exciting event where an insight radically changes your world view.

 Even leaving the value of truth aside, these can be very satisfying. Learning more about what is already in front of you can beat exploring new places and seeing new things in the usual manner.

 Experiencing any view quake may itself cause another view quake; the realization that you can be, have been, and probably still are seriously wrong about where and what you are. Hopefully this leaves you hungry and open for more.

 Due to their nature and maybe our own, quakes occur rarely and less frequently over time. Searching widely rather than deeply seems like a good strategy to increase your chances. The net is excellent for this. I will therefore be looking out for novel ideas to post.

 Please share any view quakes you have experienced in the comments. I would like to see what ideas recur and perhaps find some new ones.